Ongoing teleserye: GMA's Dormitoryo Episode 3

Actually, when I checked the tweets about this show they're trying to trend #DormitoryoWeek3.  Not sure lang how successful it was.  Lalo na after watching this episode.

After two episodes that established what the show's conflict is, and the mystery that is supposed to be the highlight of the story, biglang we have this one that seems to be a combination of illogical, unrealistic, and pilit.

1.  This comes midway through the episode, but I'm so disturbed by it na I have to mention it right now.  Hazel, because she's new, was told by the guidance counselor ba yun or school adviser to join school orgs to make friends.  So ang scene na kasunod biglang ang school grounds may cheering squad doing a cheer routine, may mga booths with stereotype nerds, jocks, artsy kids.  In short, pretentious and fake.  Hindi naman ganyan sa colleges dito, 'no?  It looks like an attempt to imitate yung mga college orientation scenes in American films like Legally Blonde and TV shows like Greek and, of course, PLL.  And take note, ang mga cheerleaders hanggang tuhod ang skirt--bawal siguro kasi sa MTRCB ang super short.

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2.  To become 'in' with Airiz and her friends, Hazel decides to join their sorority.  I won't even get into asking what sort of sorority this is that only has three members (plus yung school head na sorority sister daw nila); nagtataka ako how she just suddenly wants to be part of it--walang transition, walang pasabi.  Before that kasi hate na hate niya sila Airiz kasi nga binu-bully siya.  Kinda illogical, not convincing at all.

3.  As mean girls, Airiz and her friends are super OA.  Si Joyce Ching as Airiz actually OK naman, pero the other two, who didn't have any personality in the past two eps, suddenly had longer speaking parts.  Kaya lang, hindi makatotohanan ang acting.  One-note, one-tone sila pareho.  All the time, nagtataray.  Kahit mga lines na hindi kailangan mataray ang dating, mataray ang tono kasama mukha. 

Well, yeah, kinda disappointed with this week's episode of Dormitoryo.  So many things could have been done better.  But let's see--baka naman this Sunday's show is better. 


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