New Adult review #3 and Chick Flick review #5: The Bet by Kimberly Joy Villanueva (Pop Fiction, 2015) and Just the Way You Are (Star Cinema, 2015)

I found out about the movie before the book.
Well, I can already call myself a LizQuen (that’s Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, natch!) fan since watching them faithfully in Forevermore, so no surprise that I knew about their movie.  But I decided to be old-school and read the book the movie was based on.

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Found the book at National Book Store, with a new cover featuring LizQuen, to promote the movie.  OMG—makapal siya at maliit ang size ng letters.  I was hoping manipis lang para tapos agad, I didn’t expect too much from it.  However, when I started reading, aba, OK naman pala.  Sure, the storyline kind of follows the same formula (guy and girl hate are complete opposites, hate each other, and end up in love); promise, I’ve only read around three Pop Fiction books and they all kind of go this way.  Strangely enough, Sophia Taylor and Drake Swift start off being your typical nerdy girl and popular guy, but later they develop dimensions to them that make them somehow more interesting.  ‘Yun nga lang, feeling ko hindi nabuo nang maayos.  The surprises and mysteries incorporated in the story (Sophia’s parents, Drake’s dad) came in trickles, tapos in the end medyo feeling mo may hindi pa nadi-discover na iba pang secrets.  Actually, mas interesting (but complete!) ‘yung character ni Andre, best friend ni Drake.  Palagay ko, ang intention ng writer is really to put together all these complex twists to keep the story engaging.

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So, done with the book, on to the movie.  Buti na lang super mabenta ang loveteam na ‘to at palabas pa din sa sinehan nung time na natapos ko ang libro.  Grabe! Nakakakilig talaga sila! So much that it didn’t matter anymore to me na andaming details na hindi naipasok sa movie, kaya naging lalo pang mediocre ang storyline.  Pero convincing sila as a loveteam, tapos magaling pa silang umarte.  Hindi lang ‘yun—nakakaiyak kaya! Lalo na dun sa story angle ni Sophia (Liza) and her dad, which somehow made up for the lost story about her brother, the Andre/Marcus angle, and the role of Skye.  I guess kailangan gawin para hindi confusing ang story masyado.

That said, sure ako na naging LizQuen fan pa ako lalo.  Now, since walang pang ganap sa loveteam na ‘to, looking forward muna ako sa On The Wings of Love ng JaDine.  Six days na lang!


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