New Adult review #2: The King of Jerks by Helenaelise

I think this is the second New Adult novel I’ve read in the Summit Books Pop Fiction line, and I’d really have to say I enjoyed it much, much more than the first one.  In fairness, the writer’s interest in cosplay was shown clearly; nakakatuwa na madami akong nalaman about cosplay.
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First off, the main characters’ names:  Ran and Rigid.  I mean, WTF?  Who has names like that?  But of course, I forget, this is cosplay-inspired, and thus the names can be anything and everything.  The more fantastic, the better.  So, anyway, Ran Figueroa, cosplay queen, met her match in Rigid Razor Montez, all-around campus king.  Or king of jerks, as she called him.
They’re a super kilig couple, I must say.  It’s quite difficult sometimes to empathize with characters in pop novels if they’re too good to be true, but in this case, they were too good to be true on the outside (super gwapo and ganda)—but normal and vulnerable on the inside.  I know, I know, this has been done before, but the way they were written was very believable. 
Parang aso’t pusa in the beginning, and they fall in love in the end.  But somewhere along the way some guy from Ran’s past entered the picture, and, because of evil plans, and circumstances, Rigid ended up hurt and Ran ran (sorry, couldn’t help it) away.  Don’t worry—they meet something like four years later, and something happens, tapos a few more years, and they meet again.  Siyempre naman at this point hindi na sad ang ending.  Sana naman, or I’ll complain to the publisher, or magwawala ako!  Again, in fairness, no questionable points, everything happily consistent.  Winner!

Read it.  Super kilig.  Sana may sequel.


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