Ongoing teleserye: Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real

I must admit--when I started watching this, I thought it would just be a copy of The Legal Wife, which I loved.  Hindi pala.  Well, of course the entire kabit storyline is similar, but the issues in ADMR are more complex, and, I dare say, more interesting.

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Kasi naman, where will you meet a guy (Anthony Real, played by Dingdong Dantes) who thinks he can get away with having two wives--as in pareho niyang pinakasalan--and in the same country at that?  Sure, nasa Cebu si Sheila (played by Lovi Poe), but come on, it's a small world.  Buti naman, as of this writing, Anthony has been found out by his clueless wife Millette (brilliantly portrayed by the fabulous Maricel Soriano) and they didn't let the pasabog happen in the ending pa, kasi hindi na yun believable.  Turns out si Anthony has a huge mental/psychological problem (in my opinion lang ha), because the biggest thing that keeps him married to Sheila is the fact that they have a child--as opposed to his ampon with Millette, who is always thought by people to be his tita.  Kundi ba naman baliw.  In the process din, clearly he developed feelings for Sheila, who is portrayed as a woman who will suffer through anything to keep her man.  Nakakaloka, but believable.  I'm now watching the episode where Millette finds out about Sheila, and OMG can you say exciting!  Grabe manampal si Maricel!

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I'd like to see how this series will end but at the same time ayoko din, hahaha.  It's been part of my evening entertainment for several weeks now.  I hope the writers find a way to make the ending as complex and thought-provoking as the premise, no.  Also, kudos to the actors!  I've always found Dingdong Dantes utterly pogi and hot, but in this show nakakabwiset lang siya!  I hear the ratings are good, and I hope they get to keep it that way. :)


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