On Makeup Gurus: Say Tioco Artillero

I've been watching this girl on YouTube for some time now, and I really like that she uses and recommends local makeup products.

photo from saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com
In the beginning, she would only use 'very' local makeup--such sa SanSan and Ever Bilena--but now she's branched out into imported brands .  Pero affordable pa din, and I think that's what makes her different from the rest.  I don't think it's in her lifestyle, preference, or budget to buy and use sushal makeup brands, and that, I think is what keeps her real.  However, I think she gets sponsored more these days (shows how popular she's been getting) so she gets more and more name-brand stuff.  She knows her technique and admits it if she's not so used to a particular style (in one of her earlier vids, she talked about how it took her some time to learn how to do her kilay).  She's not ashamed to show her unmade-up face even outdoors, and so you'll really get to see how she made the best of what she already has.  More than that, she vlogs like she's just talking to a friend, and keeps the same level of energy (which is not too much, not too little, just normal) even if she's alone, and in a public place.  Now that's not so easy to do.
These days her vids are a combination of makeup tutorials, documentation of her makeup classes or sessions with clients, and her everyday life--with her boyfriend Mark, at the mall (particularly SM Manila!), buying clothes, and all other normal girl stuff.  Some girls actually don't like these non-makeup vids, and in fact Say has her fair share of haters (who give her a hard time about her grammar, her way of speaking, how she responds to criticism, etc.), but I guess it's because more people are viewing her YT channel more than ever.
This is the way I see it.  If I want to know about the newest and most chica makeup brands, I'll go watch Michelle Phan and other makeup gurus who really know and live by them.  But if I want to keep it real and down home, and feeling like chatting with a girlfriend, I'll tune in to Say Artillero's channel.
Check it out, its http://www.youtube.com/user/saytiocoartillero .  Have fun! :-)


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong at all with her grammar. She's having difficulty talking with her mouth full of braces which is reasonable and before she had her braces she had bilateral malocclusion. But she's really great and fabulous, I love watching her videos both makeup and non makeup. I think she and her boyfriend are sweet! Atta girl!

Anonymous said...

Say is very transparent and bubbly. I met her and walang kaarte-arte.

Via Bernas said...

Say is very nice and friendly person...she has the nice personality that makes her more beautiful from within...more power girl!

kamelia camay said...

I really love say even if shes fat na.. shes stil fab even without makeup.. ilove her blogs and make up tuturial..

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