New Adult Review #1: Revenge ni Miss Piggy by riri glamoure/Rica Manrique

Hello!  Haven't posted in a while, masyadong maraming ganap sa buhay.

One of the things I discovered in the last few months is this line of books entitled New Adult Pop Fiction, based on stories made popular on Wattpad.  For those of us who have been living under a rock and don't know what Wattpad is, well, isa po siyang site where writers can post story installments and people can comment on them.  Apparently, Revenge ni Miss Piggy is one of the more popular stories on Wattpad and so naging part siya ng growing list of titles under this line, published by Summit Books.

So, OK, the title itself raised a red flag right away.  Miss Piggy?  Can we be more politically incorrect, not to mention insensitive?  Pero I realized yun kasi ang tawag sa protagonist ng kwento.  Still.  Anyway, it's all about this plus-sized high school girl who fell in love with the popular guy, and eventually found out she was being duped by not just the guy--also by the resident mean girl, and her very own inggiterang BFF.  Fast forward six years and she's become a famous fashion designer based in London, and is now super payat; she decides to go back to the Philippines to exact her revenge.

Masaya naman magkwento ang author, I really like her way of writing dialogue.  Funny, witty, and natural.  I like din her description of the setting, parang tunay.  But I had problems with some of the characters, like the bida herself, Margaux.  Naging OA yung revenge motivation niya, it was mostly being mean rather than being fair or smart about it and not stoop to the level of the kontrabidas.  Then the best friend, Therese, who appears to have done the worst in this story, seemed too mean and inggitera, considering her status and relationship with the bida.  I had problems believing these characters, sorry.  Of course, may payback in the end pero parang kulang pa or simply off.  But overall it was a short and fun read, and if you like pasabog scenes then this one's got a lot.


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