Ongoing teleserye: GMA's Dormitoryo Episode 4

OMG!  I almost forgot to write my review of #DormitoryoWeek4, and Episode 5 is about to start!  So let's make it short and sweet.
Actually, this episode was kind of exciting and ma-suspense, which kind of made up for the ho-hum show last week.

screencap from
May na-dedsung!  As in killed, murdered!  It was Janet (portrayed by Annicka Dolonius), one of Airiz's minions, shown at the end of the episode lifeless on the ground, with blood running out of her mouth.  Earlier kasi, na-establish na si Hazel was becoming suspicious of her--because of the watch na she thought was Maika's, because she was in the video with Maika threatening her about some secret, and many more.  Toward the end, na-resolve naman as Janet told Hazel in not so many words na wala siyang kinalaman sa pagkamatay ni Maika.  Actually, I think yun yata mismo ang sinabi niya.  Hahaha.  Anyway, there was also that confrontation scene between Janet and Burn (yes, that's the name of Hazel's love interest, same guy who is her dead sister's ex-boyfriend, portrayed by Enzo Pineda), where Janet said something cryptic about something Burn had done in the past, and is a secret they share.  But of course, as I was finally seeing some sort of personality in Janet, she shows up dead.
Sino kaya ang pumatay?  The last scene with Janet's body showed Burn in the background.  So, if we are to analyze it against mga usual style ng mga thrillers, malamang hindi si Burn ang may sala--masyadong obvious if siya.  Well, pwede din namang siya, if ganoon ka-straightforward and expected ang approach ng writer ng show.
Abangan natin in a few minutes (just waiting for Sunday All-Stars to end)! :)


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