Ongoing teleserye: GMA's Dormitoryo Episode 5

Here I go, blogging about the episode right before the next episode is shown.  But hey, as they say, better late than...skip an episode? :-D
Medyo mabilis ang show na ito, unlike most other teleseryes.  Plus I read somewhere that GMA has planned for it to only air for one season?  So solved agad ang mystery, I guess.  Kaya nga the plot thickens.  Si Hazel appears to be completely convinced na si Burn ang pumatay sa ate niya, and this is likely because the guy just behaves so suspiciously around her.  Then he invited her to go to some old building (didn't really catch why), with Airiz and Charlie (Burn's nerdy younger brother, who, based on how he's being shown, I think is the murderer) tagging along.  Then Hazel thinks Burn is planning to kill her, so she calls the police, and Burn is thrown into jail.

screencap from

Before the episode ended, a shot showing Airiz clutching a photo of her and Burn is show.  Ano na naman ito?
Medyo nagiging exciting na nga, pero production-wise, they need to boost it up a bit more (unless na-shoot na nila lahat ng episodes) because nagiging boring na ang limited locations nila.  Everything's shot on campus.  At least medyo nabawasan yung mga pretensions to be an American school in an American TV series.
I have a feeling may matinding ire-reveal this afternoon on #DormitoryoWeek6.  After all, Halloween weekend's coming up!  Abangan!


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