Chick Flick Review #3: Bride for Rent (Star Cinema, 2014)

Before I get into my review of the movie, I'd just like to briefly mention why I just stopped blogging about Dormitoryo.  One reason:  it turned into crap.  As in.  Talo ang palit-baby and kidnapan moments sa ABS-CBN teleseryes.  Feeling ko tinamad na ang writers and prod heads to make the ending bearable man lang--sayang, promising pa naman ang start.  Sigh.

So last week naman I decided to watch Bride For Rent, starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.  I must admit, super crush ko si Xian Lim for a long time but I hadn't seen him in a movie, puro lang sa TV in their teleseryes.  More about Xian later.

Natawa ako kay Kim.  I wasn't expecting na may Toni Gonzaga-level of comic timing siya but she does.  Iznt it amaaaziiing???  LOL.  Plus she looked so pretty onscreen, like a Barbie doll.  Si Xian, well, he looked good, but that's about it.  Everything else about his acting was so OTT.  Somebody should tell this guy to tone it down a bit, he always sounds like he's nanggigigil.  But he did have a few moments, like yung towards the end na the whole setup of his Lala (Pilita Corrales) and Rocky (Kim) was revealed to him, plus yung reconciliation moment nila ng father niya (Tirso Cruz III), na believable siya.  Pero overall, more work, Xian.

It was a fun movie, but for me the most laughs were brought on by Empoy Marquez as Javier, one of Rocco's (Xian) sidekicks.  Super funny siya!  Hope he makes more films.
Oh, and I learned Bride for Rent is the third highest-grossing local film of all time, following It Takes a Man and a Woman and Praybeyt Benjamin.  Good job!

Directed by Mae Cruz for Star Cinema.


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