Chick Lit Review #13: I Love You Number Eight by Lianne Gonzales

Twenty-five-year-old Sutton fears she will become an old maid, because of a myth that claims you will be if you have had seven boyfriends by age twenty-five.  She then meets next-door neighbor, ladies' man Onyx, who, in the end, becomes the right guy for her.  A Precious Hearts Romances title published by Precious Pages, 2013.

Hmm, medyo naguluhan ako sa myth na ito, only because I've never heard it before.  But sige, let's take it as it is.  The story had Sutton, with the help of Onyx, looking for her ex-boyfriends in the hopes of rekindling whatever they had just so hindi siya mag-25 na nagka-seven boyfriends which means magiging old maid siya.  To me the entire search was not the highlight, but the developing romance between Sutton and Onyx.  In fairness, nakakakilig naman ang dalawang ito, without being OA, unlike in other stories.  Maganda ang back stories nila (Sutton seeks independence from her comfortable life, and Onyx clearly separates his business life as a real estate mogul and his personal life as a player), kaya mas maiintindihan kung bakit nila ginawa or sinabi ang ganito o ganoon.  May one issue lang ako:  si Sutton kasi is shown as masungit, may pagka-mataray, and focused; medyo hindi nag-fit sa idea ng girl na nagka-seven boyfriends na at that age.  I'd imagine pwede siyang either super street-smart or knowledgeable pagdating sa love and boys, or sobrang romantic na tao na lives for the idea of love.  Hindi masyado believable si Sutton sa akin na nagka-seven na jowa na, sorry.  Otherwise, it was a fun read--I felt pati yung warmth ng barkada ni Sutton, how tight they all were. 

Read it on a lazy afternoon when it's raining outside, like I did. :)


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