Ongoing teleserye: Pure Love

I'm not (yet) a big fan of Koreanovelas, so I had no clue what Pure Love was all about.  But I've heard that it's a good show.  So, I did what I had to do--nanood ako ng Pure Love, starring Alex Gonzaga (as Diane), Matt Evans (as Scheduler), Joseph Marco (as Dave), and Yen Santos (as Ysabel).

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I'm glad I did.  I didn't like Alex too much before, but now she's become one of my faves.  Matt Evans has always been talented, so I expected that.  Plus Yen Santos is such a refreshing face, and OK din naman umarte.  Joseph Marco, of course, is a sight for sore eyes. :-D  What a fun show!  Even if the topics are actually serious and even goes deep into faith, values, and beliefs.

At nakakainis naman talaga itong si Arjo Atayde (as Raymond).  That means he's a really good actor.  He's probably the best one in the group, and no wonder, he's the son of Sylvia Sanchez, who's also there as his mentally-challenged mom.  OK din si Yam Concepcion (as Kayla).  John Arcilla and Sunshine Cruz (as Diane's parents) are just, as expected, super credible and magaling.

But when I googled the title and found a Wikipedia article, I saw the roles assigned to Yen Santos--and discovered that she's supposed to be the missing ate of Diane!  I found this out months ago, and now pa lang ire-reveal sa show since last two weeks na.  Sana lang hindi agad nailagay sa Wikipedia!

Two weeks to go and I hope it won't end the way it did sa Koreanovela (of course na-research ko na din).  Since we Pinoys love happy endings, I'm a bit hopeful na it won't be a sad conclusion. :-D


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