Ongoing teleserye: GMA's Dormitoryo Episode 2

Last Sunday, I waited eagerly for Dormitoryo, which I promised was going to be my favorite weekend show.  So far, I haven't been disappointed.

Hazel walking down the eerie dorm corridor (photo from internet)
So far, nasu-sustain naman ng show ang suspense.  There's something creepy about their dorm, that American shows (like yung 'inspiration' nilang PLL) can't capture.  It's the Pinoy brand of katatakutan, yung parang may white lady na bubulaga na lang sa bawat kanto.  Plus the old feel of the building--I don't know where they are shooting this but it kinda looks like UP Diliman or a campus like it--adds to the texture and drama.
OK naman si Lauren Young as Hazel, pero for me mas magaling pa din si Joyce Ching as kontrabida Airiz.  During this episode, lumala ang hatred ni Airiz kay Hazel only because Airiz' obsession (some guy whose name and face I can't recall at the moment) seems to be interested in the new girl.  So, after ilang pagbabanta at pananakot, including a Mean Girls-inspired stunt wherein they took a photo of Hazel na gulat at ipinaskel sa buong school, Airiz realized na hindi nya mapipigilan si Hazel from seeing the guy.  You know why?  Kasi pala, ate ni Hazel yung namatay na girl (na nagmumulto!) and the guy is her ex-boyfriend.  At ang objective ni Hazel is to find out what really happened--and not settle for the suicide angle na sinabi ng lahat.  Actually, like in PLL, all the characters in the story are sort of suspect.  Yung guy, may itinatago, since lagi na lang siyang biglang nawawala.
That's where it is right now.  Madami nang na-establish na details, and sana maganda ang pag-develop ng story, even the characters.
Watch it na!


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