Chick Lit Review # 7: The Pink Shoes Trilogy by Katrina Ramos Atienza

I remember reading the first book in this trilogy—named, well, Pink Shoes—a while back, and I thought it was kind of interesting.  It established a host of characters that would eventually wind up in the entire series, quite reminiscent of our well-loved Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha.  This time, however, they went by Dina, Emily, and Shane, old college buds who were going through life as adults, with grown-up issues such as career, financial stability, and, of course, clothes and boyfriends. 

In the first book, Dina—the main character—chanced upon what were portrayed as magical pink shoes, which somehow changed her humdrum life as a long-suffering corporate employee.  Soon after, she discovered the “church of the miniskirt”, found her dream job, and ended up with her guy best friend.  Of course, her two BFFs had to have identical pairs of the pink shoes, which also became key to their life changes.  One thing, though:  Emily, the gregarious advertising exec, had this penchant for green clothes.  There must have been a reason why, but I guess it was not too interesting since I can’t remember what it was.

If the Shoe Fits, the second book, was a bit more engaging than the first.  Here the girls tackled more serious matters, such as Dina’s realization that her guy was a wimp, Emily took up yoga and seemed to embrace the ideology, and Shane became involved in an emotionally abusive relationship.  Though the cover featured high-heeled, strappy, “FM” shoes, the more memorable mention of footwear was when Dina was ridiculed by her guy’s ex for wearing ankle booties.  I say this because not only did she run away from the bitter woman wearing them, but also because the booties represented the kind of irreverence her puny boyfriend would never have the guts to stand for.  But the more interesting storyline was Shane’s, and her pregnancy scare.  She thought her boyfriend Kevin wouldn’t want a child, but lo and behold, she is gifted with the kind of sweet and sappy ending that would be the springboard for the next book.

On to Shoes Off!—aptly represented by a pair of flip-flops--where the trio was all set for Shane’s wedding in Boracay.  Shane here was the typical bridezilla, Emily traversed the boundaries of infidelity and sluttiness, and Dina finally met the man for her.  Cool, handsome, beach-bound Trace and his unorthodox lifestyle changed Dina’s own, and they closed the trilogy with the promise of being laid-back lovers in paradise.

Though the writing was fun, sometimes it was too much fun—it often sounded like the everyday language of witty best friends over martinis.  A little issue with some of the minor characters, especially Bobby (Dina’s ex) and Paula (Bobby’s ex); they were complete stereotypes, and in the end only Bobby got a bit of what he deserved.  Paula, in the first two books, even managed to bounce back after being called out on her evil ways.  And I still have no clue why Emily must have green clothes.

But the stories are fun.  Read them when you miss your BFFs, and buy yourself a pair of shoes after.


Katrina said...

Hi! Thanks for reviewing the books :) The reason for Em's green clothes? She's actually based on a friend of mine who wore pink for like three years straight for no good reason. Strange but true!

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