Chick Lit Review #6: The Secret Shopper’s Revenge by Kate Harrison

Take three down-and-out women and give them the best new career in the world: secret shopping. New single mother Emily, framed store manager Sandie, and sophisticated, just-widowed Grazia became retail’s answer to Charlie’s Angels, what with their snooping around stores everywhere just to report on effective or disloyal shop employees and the quality of service. Each of the three women also had to face up to their own fears, and ultimately exacted either revenge on the parties that wronged them, or was presented with a completely new option.

This is fun, Brit, and illustrates the plight of many women who have either latched on to love as the meaning of all things, or had been hoping that hard work would be enough to get ahead in one’s career. In a way, though, there was too much focus on Emily compared to the other two; I felt her character was more well-thought out, while Sandie and Grazia were relatively uninteresting and somehow flat. Even Emily’s love interest seemed cuter, nice, and more like a real person as opposed to Sandie’s old boss/almost-lover and Grazia’s late husband.

But then again, you’d love to read this. For the shopping.


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