Chick Flick Review #1: Morning Glory starring Rachel McAdams

OK, so I figured rom-coms are just like chick lit, and might as well blog about everything "chick".  I saw this film directed by Roger Michell and starring Rachel McAdams (loved her first in Mean Girls as Regina George) and serious top-notch actors Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.  

It was everything I thought it would be--standard formula of girl-meets-career-meets-guy--but somehow unlike other chick flicks, the focus was more on career than love life.  Becky Fuller (McAdams), promising yet gullible news show producer, embarked on a new and definitely unpredictable life with Daybreak, a mediocre breakfast show that needed major push.  In the process she meets Mike Pomeroy (Ford), former top news anchor, with whom she goes on to make the show popular and credible--of course with a lot of mishaps and little nuisances.  Keaton as Colleen Peck, the show's veteran host, was completely charming and funny.  In the end, Becky takes home the credit for a job well done, as well as the heart of a fellow network producer known for being every girl's dream.  Overall, it was a fun movie--completely of chick flick template--but heartwarming at the same time.  it wasn't all about just love and butterflies; most of it showed independence, focus, and self-confidence.  The to-the-second environment of broadcasting was also captured sufficiently, including typical personalities that come with it.  

I wouldn't mind watching this again, with a huge bowl of popcorn. :)


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