All sorts of no. 1: UNO Factory Outlet

Being at home during the Holy Week (well, since Thursday) made me just restless and so had to get out at about--even if it's just to the nearest Walter Mart.

I actually looove Walter Mart, I think everything there is cheaper than in other malls, and somehow everything's less rigid and a lot friendlier (read: compared to SM malls).  So when I checked out the new Walter Mart around 5-10 minutes away from my house, I was pleasantly surprised to see a store I haven't seen before:  UNO Factory Outlet.  It's got all sorts of stuff, kind of like a one-stop shop actually, with random items on sale:

I went around and also saw clothes for both men and women, as well as house stuff:

But what got me all excited was the makeup counter, which had makeup brands I'd never seen before and at prices I'd never seen before, either:
Sure, these are all cheap makeup, not expected to last all that long, but who cares? I had a blast choosing makeup that looked like fun, and this is what I got:

Prices are as follows (clockwise):
Qianyu natural eye shadow palette - Php 44.50
XXL Sofe Lip & Eye liner pencil (with built-in sharpener) - Php 9.50 each (got them in black and brown)
Daiyasi 3D Shine & Care lipgloss - Php 29.50
Jialiqi Unlimited Enlarge Clear Smooth liquid eyeliner - Php 29.50
Ling Mei liquid/pen eyeliner (in leopard-print packaging!) - Php 34.50
Aron lipstick magic - Php 29.50
For a grand total of Php 186.50!  I can't even remember buying a piece of makeup at that low a price!  But seeing if they will actually work is another story.  Will blog about that soon.

I'll probably go back to UNO to check out their other items next weekend.  Till then!


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- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City
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