The big, wide world of SM, part I

So, I decided it was time to expand the chick lit review schtick and get into just about anything and everything the career/office-bound girl (like me) would be interested in--kind of like make it a kind of a one-stop review site.  Better, yeah?

To start things, I'd like to write about the biggest pop culture influence in this country in the realm of shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle--SM.  There was a time when it was called Shoe Mart, but those days are long gone, since it's become so much more than just about selling footwear.  Rightfully so, SM lives up to their line "We've got it all!", because really, you can find everything there.  Imagine it and it shall be sold, is probably SM's mantra.

SM's main attractions are choice and price, since there's a lot to choose from at very affordable prices.  I personally love going through the shoe and bag selections, as well as their clothes and houseware (that probably covers everything they have, actually) because my cash truly goes a long, long way.  Of course, nothing's perfect and SM definitely has its issues, like ending up with disposable merchandise, but I'll start with what's great about it.

Just yesterday I went around SM Makati and saw the available styles and choices in the bags and shoes section (my favorite!).  It was a lot!  Prices, depending on style and material, ranged from 399.75 to around 999.75 for office-worthy shoes and 499.75 to 1299.75 for badass-looking bags great enough to parade at the next general assembly.  I've always wanted to commend SM for being up-to-date with their merchandise, and I discovered much of it was because they've had the sense to hire young, fashionable buyers and merchandisers.  Good on you, SM.

Not Parisian but mine look exactly like this except for the heel.

I ended up with two pairs of Parisian platform pumps on a five-inch heel (not for running around Makati, mind you) at 999.75 each, one in a basic beige and the other in a fun and funky yellow.  Next payday I promised I'd treat myself to a tote bag.  Or two.

The great thing about shopping at SM Makati is that it's connected to the MRT (Ayala Station), which let me get home to QC safely and conveniently (the train's got a good enough A/C, even in this horrible heat).  But before I went home I just had to have a bite of Hen Lin siopao (located right outside the SM exit), which I never could resist. :)


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"It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes--that's why you sometimes need really special ones, to make the walk a bit more fun."

- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City
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